Lice Treatment Products

What makes our lice treatment products better? Studies prove that lice have become resistant to the pesticide-based lice products. Our lice treatment products are organic, enzyme-based and PESTICIDE FREE, so lice are not resistant to ours. Our spray also unglues the nits (eggs) so they can easily slide off with our nit comb.

If you are choosing to do the treatments yourself, you can purchase our proprietary Absolute Clear Head Spray we use in our office for treatments. It is so gentle and safe you can also use it for preventive care every day. You can also purchase the same professional Nit Comb we use, which is BY FAR the most effective nit comb on the market. It eliminates the need for picking nits out by hand one at a time!

Our Household Spray cleans your house of lice on your carpets, upholstered furniture, bedding, stuffed animals, hats, car seats, backpacks, and coats. Just like our Head Spray, it is derived from organic sources, non-toxic, PESTICIDE FREE and completely safe for pets.

Our Lice Treatment Products