What are People Saying about LCO?

Our experience with Lice Centers has been great!


“Our experience with Lice Centers has been great! I was not treating it correctly and couldn’t recognize the nits. Coming to Lice Centers of Ohio saved my sanity! Despite the drive and the cost, it was well worth it for the peace of mind and the know-how to keep this from happening again. Thank you!!”

THEY know EXACTLY what they are doing...

Kyarenah R.

Very nice friendly environment and THEY know EXACTLY what they are doing everytime and they dont break your bank account they will work with you and guaranteed to you to get the job done and thats EXACTLY what they do and you are NOT judge as most .people will really down to earth would i recommend it yes over a hundred thousand times i like positive people so yes check it out there is nothing bad that I can say about this place only good. (Google)

I attempted an at home treatment that completely failed.

Jill Reichert

“I attempted an at home treatment that completely failed. I have been thrilled with the experience at Lice Centers of Ohio. They are so professional and very helpful. They answered all my questions and totally put my mind at ease. I am so thankful that this service is offered and it was worth every penny. Thank you!!!”

I clearly recommend them.

Jenn Helm

They were amazing and so nice!!! I clearly recommend them. (Google)

Staff is professional and follow-up care is excellent...

Peggy Iannarino School Nurse

“Lice Centers of Ohio offers a wonderful alternative to the frustration experienced by many parents as they try traditional methods to clear head lice. The staff is professional and the follow-up care is excellent. I would never hesitate to recommend Lice Centers to our school families!”

I’m not sure what we would have done without your service.

Ms. Meier Mother

“This has been a wonderful experience. I’m not sure what we would have done without your service. The ladies here are extremely nice and full of information. They know their stuff! If we ever have this problem again we will definitely be back. I have told everyone about this place. Thank you!”

The first place I recommend...

Jennifer Pond School Nurse

“Lice Centers of Ohio is the first place I recommend for the treatment of lice. As a school nurse, I have seen many cases of lice that have been treated with over the counter lice shampoos yet they are still infested. Lice Centers of Ohio will treat lice until they are gone, leaving no risk for re-infestation. Their products are effective, safe and do not cost much more than the store bought products. The staff at Lice Centers of Ohio are great and make parents and children feel comfortable and not embarrassed. If I was the parent who got that dreaded call from the school saying that my kids had lice, my first call would be to Lice Centers of Ohio.”

“Where can you go for help, real help, real people who answer the phone?”

Joann Spain, RN School Nurse

“Where can you go for help, real help, real people who answer the phone? Real people who understand lice and are experts in free head screenings, treatment and natural organic products and information? Experts who will see a family through the whole process and offer peace of mind? Experts who are there for you if you need help with classroom checks and education? It is comforting to have a resource available to pick up the phone and call, or give to a family at anytime. The Lice Centers of Ohio have been there for me. Get to know them. They will be there for you, too.”

A wonderful addition to my resources for families...

Julie Bush School Nurse

“Lice Centers of Ohio has been a wonderful addition to my list of resources for families. Our school has had the staff of Lice Centers in our facilities to perform head screenings on several occasions. I have observed Michelle address the concerns of students and parents in a comforting and easy to understand manner. It is reassuring to me, as our school partners with our families, that I am able to refer them to a place that has proven to be reliable, professional, and effective.”

Due to the COVID 19 shutdown we cannot provide direct treatments at this time. However we are pleased to offer you our DIY Option and coach you through the process. Click here to learn more about this option, or give us a call NOW at (833) 648-3733.