Superior Products

Scientific studies show that lice have become resistant to the pesticide-based products that used to be effective against them.

Since our lice treatment spray is a PESTICIDE FREE, organic, enzyme-based product, the lice are not resistant to ours. Our spray kills the live lice and unglues the nits (eggs) so they will easily slide off with our amazing nit comb.

Our Absolute Clear Head Spray is an organic, multi-enzyme based product that is PESTICIDE FREE and hypoallergenic. It is so gentle and safe you can use it for preventive care every day.

You can also purchase the nit comb that we use, which is by far the most effective nit comb on the market and eliminates the need for you to pick nits out by hand one at a time!

Our Products

$ 50 (32 oz. bottle of Absolute Clear Head Spray; good for 6-8 treatments)

$ 20 (nit comb)